Fully Insured

We carry a $1,000,000 drone specific policy

This covers bodily injury, Property Damage, Medical Expenses, etc.

Athlete sues when operator unexpectedly...

experienced "radio interference" and lost control of their UAV.

Kentucky man files suit against drone operators

If you hire an unlicensed and/or uninsured drone operator, you could be liable.

Legally Licensed

What you must know before hiring a drone operator.

All commercial drone operators are are REQUIRED to be granted an Airspace and Operation Exemption by the FAA to use pictures and video for commercial purposes. Fines are $25,000 for the first offense.

FAA Certified operations including equipment and personnel.

More than just a '333 Exemption', we have legally registered aircraft and an FAA approved Flight Operations Manual. This allows us to film your project without fear of the FAA forcing you to cease using it.
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TV, Web Video, Real Estate, Events, Surveying and Photography.

Stand outAbove The Competition

Drone video gives your audience a unique perspective they can't get anywhere else. Whether you're selling a home, making a TV commercial, filming an event or making a web video, aerial video can add a unique element your competitor doesn't have.