About Us

Airborne Video was started in 2015 by Travis Filing, a 20 year advertising veteran and commercially trained pilot that was fascinated by what drone video brought to the table in the marketing world. Now, after a couple years of constant change and continuous regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, we are proud to be one of the few legally licensed companies that can bring you drone video for commercial use. However, there is more to aerial video than just having all the FAA certifications. You need an experienced crew - not just in flying a drone - but in cinematography and commercial production, plus a sharp overall knowledge in marketing and advertising. Why is this so important? No matter what your project is, you have to film it for an audience. Even if we are surveying power lines, we want to deliver the best possible product for the inspector (the audience). Yes, we take everything we do this seriously! We've seen dozens of drone videos filmed for real-estate agents selling a home and the film is the same shot over and over with "mechanical" movements, clunky transitions, no audio or audio that sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom with a Mr. Microphone. Which is one of the reasons we have a film studio and an audio studio.

We create more than drone video, we create the experience of "being there." We do this through meticulous planning starting with the audience in mind and what we want them to do when they are done watching the completed aerial video. Whether it's schedule a tour of a home with a real estate agent, rent a facility for an event, use a service, demonstrate safety, scout out a neighborhood or even find a retail location.

who we are

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We are a group of individuals that work tirelessly to bring you perfection in advertising and marketing projects through the use of full HD aerial film.

We consider ourselves lucky, very lucky, because we love what we do, and it doesn't feel like work. The best part is bringing what we call "the IMAX experience" to clients who until very recently could not afford what it took to hire airplanes, helicopters and even cranes to capture video and create the experiences we all love watching in IMAX theaters.


why choose us?

FAA Certified

There is more to legally obtaining aerial video than just receiving a 333 exemption...

We're insured...

The first thing our company did was obtain a $1,000,000 policy that protects...

Aerial video done right, protects YOU!

Yes, doing aerial video right is more than being a good drone pilot...

did you know?

Taking a 'non-commercial use' aerial video and uploading it to YouTube, Vimeo or even Facebook IS ILLEGAL?

Surprisingly enough, any aerial video online in the eyes of the FAA is considered to be 'Aerial video for commercial use'. How is that?!? Well, how do YouTube and Facebook make their money? Selling advertising. While you might not be making any money off the drone video of your house, someone else may be!

A drone is the same to the FAA as a Flight-for-Life helicopter or a Boeing 737?

That's right, to the FAA an 'aircraft is an aircraft'. Helicopter or airplane, four engines or no engines, manned or unmanned. If you own a drone, you have to go through all the same paperwork to license and register your aircraft with the FAA that Southwest Airlines has to before your aircraft leaves the ground!

our staff

  • Travis Filing

    In the early 90's I set out to become a commercial pilot.…

  • Sawyer Davidson

    I graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Advertising, and…