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Aerial video, when edited together with ground footage, results in a captivating message that sets you apart from your competition. Drone video is uniquely capable of providing scale, perspective relationship between buildings, objects and people. This creates a sense of actually being there that no amount of ground video; photography, narration and/or text can match. By providing this experience to your potential customers, you make a stronger impression, provide them with more information and stand out from your competitors.

  • 2015 Reel

    2015 Reel

    Whether it's for events, commercials, real estate or business, drone footage can make a huge impact on the appearance. With...

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  • House-land

    House with Acreage

    Frontal view of a beautiful house in rural Nebraska with a lot of land....

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  • Built In Surround Sound

    Built In Surround Sound

    Utilizing Airborne Video drone service, we are able to get a bird's eye perspective on large properties such as this...

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  • Country House

    Country House

    Aerial view of a house away from the city in Lincoln, NE....

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  • Airborne Video Real Estate Package

    Airborne Video Real Estate Package

    Transformation Marketing now owns Airborne Video, Nebraska's only FAA licensed and insured commercial drone operation. If you are a real...

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  • Lincoln Neighborhood

    Lincoln Neighborhood

    An aerial view of a neighborhood in Lincoln, NE during sunset....

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  • Antelope Valley Park

    Antelope Valley Park

    An aerial view of Antelope Valley Park in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska....

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  • Downtown Lincoln

    Downtown Lincoln

    An aerial view of beautiful downtown Lincoln, NE....

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