Drone Insurance

Insurance for a drone operation is extremely important, especially for commercial operators AND those of you that hire commercial operators. At Airborne Video, we carry a $1,000,000 liability policy that is drone specific. This type of policy should run you between $1,200 and $1,300. We are currently discussing increasing our policy to $2,000,000. This day and age, our "lawsuit happy" nation, everything is worth at least a million bucks. Also, if you or your company has a blanket "umbrella" type policy, check the fine print or call your agent, or both. These types of policies will (most likely) not cover an accident involving a person being hit with your drone.

If you hire a legally licensed and insured company to capture your drone video, then the company you hired bears the responsibility of an accident. If you have someone that is not licensed and/or insured YOU bear the responsibility. There are a lot of companies that claim to be legal, but as of right now there are only 2 or 3 in the entire state of Nebraska and between 200-300 in the entire nation! So please do your due diligence!

We have not checked deeply into insurance for those operating on the "hobbyist" level. I have read that homeowners insurance does cover remote controlled airplanes and as of the time of this blog, drones fall into that category. Don't expect this to last folks, it's only a matter of time until someone runs a drone into a 747 and underwriters are sent scrambling to drop this from their policies.

REMEMBER - We are not lawyers or insurance agents. Check with your Attorney AND insurance agent to find out the legal aspects of your operation and what your specific insurance policy does and does not cover!

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