White Label

Drone White Label
We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to cut through all the "red tape" and get legally licensed and certified to capture drone video. That's where our "White Label" services come in smoothly. Here's how it works:

First, we will sit down to discuss your project, cost and if you don't have one, we bring along a our "non-disclosure/non-compete" form. This discloses that we will not bill, contact, upsell, or take credit for anything we do while working for you andyour client. Next, on the day of the shoot, we don't show up in anything "Airborne Video." No truck, no t-shirts, no nothing... well, we wear pants just not "Airborne Video" pants. I recall in my agency days we had to hire a secondary film crew when we had a project overlap. We hired a "White Label" film crew to pick up the slack. They showed up with the company truck, shirts, bags, hats, you name it. It was really embarrassing to try and explain to the client why we were not filming the project and why they get the "back-up" crew. I assure you, we will never do that to you. When the project is done, we bill you directly. We then deliver the project you hired us for in whichever form you like. If you only hired us for the "raw footage" we will deliver it most likely through a thumb drive. If you hired us to complete the project from beginning to end, we can deliver it through Drop Box, We Transfer, thumb drive or any other way you would like.

Legality. For legal purposes we have to keep meticulous records of our flight operations. What we filmed, where we filmed it, when we filmed it, etc. We also provide documentation to you for your files that shows the footage was legally obtained. So, if for some reason the FAA reaches out to you about the footage, you can show them the documentation that proves it was legally obtained by your company through a legally licensed and certified company.